Movin’ On Up

I have always loved animals, and I’ve always had a favorite five.  Recently I’ve updated that list, because the more time I spend watching monkeys, the more I love them!  I study them as they fearlessly crash thru the trees when they’re traveling.  They don’t plan their jumps or landings, they just fly into the air and reach out to grab whatever they can hold on to on the way down.  There is a whole lot of slipping and sliding, all the trees in the area shake and they sure make a lot of noise.  It’s quite entertaining!  Likewise, they are exceptionally charming when they think you might have food!  I also fondly watch the mothers care for and carry around their babies.  I am jealous of their dexterous tails and nimble strong hands.  Additionally, I think it’s cute when families groom each other and I enjoy watching the conflict, even though it stresses me out, if the boy monkeys scream at or chase each other to defend their territory.


Last week I went with two of my friends into the woods around MacRitchie Reservoir.  I’ve heard and read online that the monkeys are very tame at MacRitchie and I agree!  When we saw them I definitely felt like I was a visitor to their place!  Here is an example of how close they were to us…Jeanie has one in front and in back of her. tame monkeys

One monkey sat in the middle of the trail and just looked at us.  I’m pretty sure he was trying to look his cutest so we would give him a handout.looking cute

 Here he is trying a different pose, can’t you tell he’s hoping for a free lunch?  He gave up on the poses after a few minutes and ate some leaves from a nearby tree.

free lunch

I also love all the butterflies and moths here!  They are everywhere, in many different sizes and colors!  I’ve seen orange, yellow, green, white, black, light blue, and bright blue.  This butterfly posed for me for several minutes!


Unfortunately our hike was cut short because it started to rain.  A local who was jogging by, stopped to tell us if it started to rain harder we needed to get out of the forest because trees and branches would fall!  So we decided to stay safe and we left shortly after having completed 5 or 6 km.


3 responses to “Movin’ On Up

  1. I love monkeys too. Polar Bears, Orangutans, then monkeys. I think they’re all fascinating.

  2. I do not like moths! Remember when you got one of my house? That was like 6 years ago, Colby was a baby, Kevin was gone and I was freaked out…remember?

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