Winter Wonderland

Sunday we woke up to a blue sunny sky again.  We celebrated our luck by going on a long walk.  We ended up in Hyde Park at a big festival called Winter Wonderland.  It’s a pop-up German Themed amusement park.  We enjoyed walking around and listening to the people as much as we enjoyed the sights, smells, crafts and food.  Our favorite snack was mini churros.  They disappeared before we even got a picture…  I also ate a Giant Pretzel and Greg got some corn.

Corn In December?

After the Wonderland we took the subway to the Churchill War Rooms.  It was interesting to see the headquarters for WWII and to learn more about Churchill’s entire life.  We attempted to go to the original Hard Rock Cafe but it had a 90 minute wait so we ate at a local Pret A Manger and had a delicious, no fuss sandwich.  It was a great day.


One response to “Winter Wonderland

  1. Yay for another great day. I’m so glad to hear about your trip and that you and Greg had some quality time together. I bet that was so interesting to see the Churchill war rooms. I know so little about the war. Have you read the Maisie Dobbs series? They are mystery books–historical fiction. She is British and had a grandpa in the war and did a ton of research so her details are accurate and they are fun to read. And now I’ll be thinking about churros all day long….

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