A Thousand Words

If you wake up in London on day four and the sun is shining, do not hesitate to go to Windsor Castle.  Take the train, car or a coach.

If you carefully jockey your position so you are the third person to enter when it opens at 10am, even if the queen is in, do not follow your audio guide, map or numbers…go to St George’s Chapel.  You may even want to run.


If you arrive at 10:04, you may be there before any of the vergers.  In which case, you may choose to ignore all the “no photography” signs.  After all, those signs are for the people who do not know how to disable their flashes…  Those signs are for people who will disturb other people with their photography…  But if you are alone taking photos without flash, is it really wrong?

Morning Light at St George's Chapel

Stained Glass

Beautiful Stained Glass

Decorative Ceiling from the 1400s

I couldn’t help myself, the stone glowed with morning light.  It called to me.  It was begging to be photographed.  For I could write a thousand words for each picture I took that day, but it would not be enough to describe the peace and beauty of that morning.  So I will let these photos speak for themselves, although I tell you, they do not do justice to the chapel at Windsor.  So you should visit it yourself.

Walkway Between the Chapel and the Choir Room

Glowing walkways

Incredible Ceiling

The area that honors the Order of the Garter was incredible.  Each flag and helmet represents a coat of arms for a Knight in the highest order of chivalry.  I entered the room so quietly the vergers who were in deep conversation did not hear me.

Knights Coat of Arms

Incredible Ceiling

Order of the Garter

Order of the Garter Knights

And then, I finally got caught by the kind fellow in this picture.  I felt horribly guilty, just not quite guilty enough to delete all my previously taken photographs.

Busted...no more photos

Here are the beautiful doors I shamefully exited through.  I doubt I was the first to leave ridden with guilt while thinking, “it was worth it”.

Exit Doors


6 responses to “A Thousand Words

  1. Oh my goodness!!! These photos are unbelievable! I MUST see this in person! And…of course you were able to get pics when it says not to take any! That made me laugh! Great post! 🙂

  2. Wow, Debbie! These are truly incredible. What a neat experience. You were morally and ethically obligated to take these! Those signs were merely a suggestion and probably don’t apply to Americans, right?! I think the man who stopped you was just jealous because your images are better than his.

  3. I enjoyed the pictures even more when the post popped up in my readers. The details in the architecture are incredible. And I love those flags.

  4. Sarah de Guzman Furner

    These photos are amazing and NO there is nothing wrong if that certain someone happens to be an incredible photographer who has total respect for art and history! I’m so glad you shared these photos….you’re right, when London weather is good, you RUN and enjoy the city!

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  6. AMAZING photos! I love the old cathedrals and you totally captured the essence, beauty and detail of the church in each of your photos. I love how you have a picture of the guy who came to tell you to stop taking pictures!

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