Stonehenge and Space Odyssey

In general I don’t love large tours.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with Premium Tours.  Our guide tried and succeeded in making us the first people to enter Windsor Castle, which enabled me to have my fabulous experience at the church.  He cracked a lot of jokes throughout the day and provided a lot of history and information.  He also didn’t mind when we went out on our own.

But my favorite thing he did was timing the theme song to the Space Odyssey with the first sighting of Stonehenge.  As the bus climbed the hill we listened to the beginning of the song and as soon as it went “DUH NAAAAH” we spotted it.  It may sound cheesy but it made it even more impressive.

Not that the 40 ton rocks that are between 4-5 thousand years old need additional fanfare to make them impressive.  But like Darth Vader walking around to the Imperial March, it does add to the overall effect.

Stonehenge first view

Our guide told us that a few years ago a team of engineers, archaeologists and scientists tried to move just one of these rocks the 250 miles by the leading theory of how they were moved thousands of years ago.  They made it to the river and it got stuck.

Stonehenge close-up

Did you know Stonehenge was used as target practice by planes during World War II?


This artist was bundled up and sketching the monument.

Artist sketching

Did you know the sun lines up through each archway (if they were all there) during each month?  And it lines up perfectly through the top and the bottom stone (think 12 and 6 on a clock) when it’s summer and winter solstice?

Did you know it’s fun to play with your shadow and dance, even if other people stare at you and think you’re a little crazy?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you know the Bluestones are warmer than the air in the winter and colder than the air in the summer?


If you don’t take a tour here, or if your guide is not as fantastic as mine, I highly recommend listening to the Space Odyssey theme song anyway.  It just fits.


3 responses to “Stonehenge and Space Odyssey

  1. Cheesy or not….I would have LOVED hearing the Space Odyssey music at just the right time. That’s awesome!! Cool pics!

  2. Your guide sounds fabulous! I’m so glad the tour worked out. I didn’t know any of these cool facts except the dancing with your shadows one. Yea, for more blog posts.

  3. Sounds wonderful! And your photos and writing let me experience it just a tiny bit for myself.

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