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The heart of Bali is found in…


their Strength

woman carrying baskettheir kindness


their beautiful dancingdancer

their happy children

happy girls

their lovely countrysidecountryside

their beautiful beachesbeach

their rice paddies

terraced rice field their plentiful fruit, I’ve tried so many new kindsfruit

 lizard skin fruitmangosten

every person in a village helping, even grandmagrandma

 grandma walking

the countryside by bikedebbie on a bike

agriculture, like their cacao (eventually will be chocolate) beans here; this is what they look like inside (we ate the white flesh off and the chocolate bean was inside)

cocao pod

their volcanobatur volcano

their homes (this is the one we ate lunch in after our bike ride)home in bali

their hard work

heavy load

stickswalking womanfeeding the birds

kiss the girl 


An Unusual but Merry Christmas

Since 80% of Bali is Hindu…

On Christmas Day we ate Breakfast then…

We went to the Royal Family’s Temple, Mengawi 

Mengawi Temple

we fed the locals (there are 500 in this community)… 

monkeys in monkey forest

which resulted with a monkey on my back…

monkey on my back

another highlight was watching an affectionate family groom each other and kiss…

baby monkey


they groom everywhere



we went to the Temple in the sea (Tanah Lot)… 


temple in the sea

 The waves crashing into the cliffs reminded me of Oregon…  


arch by the sea

The large snake in the grass and the hot sunshine reminded me I was in Bali…

(one mom has the sense to be taking her daughter away from the python, the other two boys appear to be playing with it) 

python and kids

We had grilled fresh corn on the cob; it grows year round here in Bali, and went in search of my only request for Christmas…peanut M&Ms.  I’ve had peanut M&Ms every year as long as I can remember on Christmas Day.  This year, I had these…  

faux peanut m&ms

Not the same, but a small price to pay to be in Bali!

A Bird in the Hand is Worth…

After my experience yesturday in the Balienese bird park, a Bird in the hand is worth far more than I ever expected!  It was easily worth being nibbled on by said birds…they got my ears, colar, shirt tag and buttons…

bird food

I can’t explain why this was so much fun!  Only that is was!  Generally I feel sorry for birds who are trapped in zoos, however, these birds actually seemed happy!  Or maybe I was projecting, because they made me really happy!

debbie toucans