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Who Is Bree Tanner?

Why doesn’t everyone know there is a new Stephenie Meyer book out?  Technically it is a Novella associated with Eclipse.  I figured everyone knew, but then my friend who like me, loves all things Stephenie,  (wouldn’t you if she used YOUR name in a book after she met YOU at a book signing) knew about the book but she thought she had to buy it or get it at the library.

Come on Afton, I expected MORE from you?  I am considering writing Stephenie and asking her to CHANGE the vampire Afton’s name to Debbie (no, I don’t care that he was a boy).  She might realize you might not be worthy of having a character named after you after all.  And YES, I’m still a little upset that she thought you and Jillyn only hung out with me because you felt sorry for me since I had such a boring name…  However, I guess I’m in good company since she felt sorry for Ashley for the same reason.

Anyway, to the point, if you don’t want to buy Stephenie’s short story, look here… But make sure you read it, AFTON, before July 5th USA Eastern time because that’s how long Stephenie’s gift of the free short story lasts.  After that if you want it for free you’ll have to find a different copy online and then you’ll just feel the horrible guilt that we as, “true fans” felt after we read the illegal release of Midnight Sun.

One more thing, don’t worry if you don’t remember who Bree Tanner is, I think the point of the novella is that we NEED to know more about Bree and certainly by the end of the novella we will.   I’ll save any potential spoilers for the comment section but I am really curious what other people think about Bree and her story!