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I’ve Never Been Able To Commit…

I’ve never been able to commit to one superhero.  Growing up if I watched cat woman, she was my favorite…then I’d watch superman, spiderman or batman and change my affection.  I am very loyal to super-people in general, both of the good and misguided variety, but I cannot pick a favorite.  As an adult, I am as flighty as in my youth.  I am persuaded by whatever movie I’m watching or book I am reading.  If someone offered me a superpower, I’m not sure I’d be able to decide which power I wanted.  Perhaps I’m just greedy and I want all the powers so I’m the superist superhero.


However, today I was offered to make a virtual superhero in a virtual superhero factory.  My friend Afton, who is a blogger extraordinaire, posted a link to a superhero factory website.  To check out her superhero click here.


I made it thru my choices of choices of hair, suit color, and weapon and I found myself motivated by the appropriate music from Bonnie Tyler, “I need a hero”.  I do need a hero, and here she is…I’ve always wished I could get away with red hair…yes I definitely want a cape, and if your curious, I’d like my cape to be able to make me invisible at will…


When she was finished, I still found myself unable to commit.  Although I like her appearance, what exactly can a Lasered Nine Tails superwoman do?  I find myself wanting a back story… So please, give me your opinion of what a superhero like mine, Lasered Nine Tails can do.   my hero

And if you have time, create a superhero of your own by clicking here.  I am confident you won’t have as much trouble committing!