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Debbie’s Top Ten for Thailand

10.  Yellow watermelon!  Seriously, I didn’t even know it existed, and it’s good!

yellow watermelon9.  Our no walled oceanside restaurant at the hotel with a water feature every five feet and a pool that connected them all.  It had chairs or couches next to the tables!  🙂  We used both.

Amari Coral Beach Restaurant

8.  The Thai writing!  It is so curvy and beautiful!  Here are two examples .thai signThai writing

7.  The elephants.  We didn’t ride them but it was cool to be somewhere where you see elephants by the side of the road!  (Yes, I did feel a bit sorry for them). elephants

 5.  Our pool and pool side menu!  Beautiful, tasty and so convenient!  The big umbrellas were good for me since the sun was intense!

poolpool side snack

6.  Movie theatres in Thailand with such bright decor.  We enjoyed reclining seats; couches and most importantly, they were playing Twilight sooner than in Singapore!  (Notice the cool writing on the poster…)

twilight posterTheater

4.  Cold, scented towels poolside!  Actually everywhere you went on the resort they gave you cold scented towels.  Before and after you ate, when you came into the lobby, and when you sat down at the pool.  It was wonderful and refreshing!

cold scented towel


3.  Our lovely room and the view.


2.  Snorkeling at the end of the resort’s dock!!!  Can you see all the fish!  It was amazing!


1. Pum’s cooking class.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell from the photos, but we had SO MUCH FUN!  The food was really delicious!  Pum (pronounced Poohmmm) is an amazing person.  Her business on Phi Phi Island was completely destroyed in the Tsunami.  She rebuilt her business there, while maintaining her business on Phuket and then opened a business in France!  She is full of energy and loves to cook.  She believes in dancing and laughing in the kitchen, we followed suit.  We loved her!  Greg and I each got to pick and make three dishes (we picked raad nah, phad thai, mussaman curry, penang curry, cashew nut chicken, and chicken with chili sauce).  There were three of us taking the class and four teachers!  We were spoiled!

cashew nut chicken and chicken with chiliphad thaimussuman curry

pums phuket restaurantsteam

penang curryraad nahbookie and mini-mouse

Pum is front and centermaking curry pasteingredients for curry pastejungle curry


To all my friends who waited in line for Twilight

The only Edward & Bella I'll see until the 18th of December.

The only Twilight I get to see for now are all the larger than life posters all over town.  Here’s a photo of me in the MRT (subway) next to one of four posters that were grouped together. 


However, we did finally make it to a movie theatre here.   You can buy your ticket ahead of time, just like in the US.  You can buy it online or at an atm looking kiosk.   Then it gets really cool…you get to pick your seat like you were buying an airplane ticket!  Brilliant!  I cannot count how many times I’ve waited in line Seats included!for movies to get a good seat, why isn’t this a worldwide phenomenon?  So, when I finally get to see Twilight, I won’t be waiting in line…


Except I would happily wait in line a long time to see it right NOW!


 The movie we did see was Quantum of Solace.  I love all James Bond movies and I am very forgiving of all of their flaws, so two thumbs up from me!