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It’s ALL ABOUT ME (Part 1)

Before I explain my Christmas gift(s) from Greg, here is the back-story, and the explanation to why his gift is extra creative. 

I LOVE birthdays.  As I get older I see more and more people who hate their birthday and it makes me sad.  One’s birthday should NOT be a depressing day.  You are only one day older.  Why do people get so depressed?  Pick a different day to be depressed about how old you are, what you have or haven’t done with your life, what you have failed to do this last year etc…  After all, isn’t that what New Years Day is for?  Because on your actual birthday it should be ALL ABOUT YOU!

When Greg and I were dating I was very clear about my birthday expectations.  I told him in general I was very low maintenance EXCEPT on my birthday.  I also told him if he spoiled me rotten on my birthday I should be pretty low maintenance the rest of the year. 

Initially, Greg had more of the “reflect and be depressed on your birthday” attitude.  I think I have made baby steps of progress each year and he is slowly coming around to the “it’s all about me” philosophy.  After we got married we started birthday weekend.  The only rules for birthday weekend are that the birthday person gets to make all the rules.  That means the birthday person gets to pick where we go (since we often travel), what we do and where we eat.  It’s completely over the top, and I love it!

My most consistent birthday rule (for my birthday or anyone else’s) is no one else should complain about the birthday person’s choices.

There are two types of comments that are helpful to the success of Birthday Weekend:

 Category 1

Responses to a tired family member or friend during birthday weekend because the birthday person has probably packed in too many activities for one 48-72 hour period.

“You can stock up on sleep before or after birthday weekend, but don’t expect a lot DURING birthday weekend.”

“Since I’m only in charge 2 or 3 days of the year, I’m sure you understand why I’m filling this weekend up as much as possible.”

 Category 2

Responses to a grumpy member of the family who is unhappy with one of the birthday person’s choices.

“Well, it’s a good thing it’s my birthday weekend and not yours.”

“We’ll make sure NOT to do this when it’s your birthday weekend since it’s not something you enjoy.  However, we’ll continue doing it now since it’s something I want to do!”

And the MOST popular, MOST repeated and MOST helpful comment during birthday weekend:

“I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I don’t care because this weekend “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!” 

Of course, sometimes Greg or I catch ourselves complaining and we beat the other person to their comment by saying, “but it’s ok that I don’t like that restaurant/activity/idea because this weekend it’s all about you.”

Birthday weekend totally works.  Some of my favorite memories are from birthday weekend.  

We spent one year sea kayaking and camping in the San Juan Island’s in Washington’s Puget Sound. Another great memory was hiking and exploring the Olympic Peninsula & Olympic Mountains. One year my whole family went camping, hiking and kayaking at a beautiful mountain lake (even my sister from Utah drove over). Last year we went to these beautiful islands in Thailand and I went diving. It’s so great every once in awhile to have total decision making power.  I highly recommend having “it’s all about me” time; it’s a great cure for the birthday blues.



I’ve always loved it, as long as I can remember. I felt lucky almost everyday when I lived there.

I love the wild flowers; foxglove is one of my many favorites. I love it close up…foxglove at silver creek falls closeupI also love foxglove from a distance. The way it stands tall, like the trees, towering above the other flowers.foxglove and tree at silver creek fallsI love Oregon’s waterfalls. When I travel other parts of the world, waterfalls usually seem less spectacular, and I feel sorry for people who haven’t visited and played in Oregon’s many waterfalls.upper south fallsI love my niece and nephew. I love that they are old enough to enjoy some of the hikes that I grew up loving. I have big plans for us backpacking next summer, they just don’t know about it yet…captive at silver creek fallsI love how small I feel when I wander paths thru the majestic trees…Kristine and JJ in the tall treesI love good hamburgers. And Portland has some great ones…Five Guys burgerNot to mention the fries…Five guys FriesI love the beach; I love that even the seagulls play chicken with the waves, the water must feel THAT cold to them too.seagulls playing chickenDon’t misunderstand me, my love for Singapore is growing too, but I’ve had a long time love affair with Oregon, and those bonds are strong and irreplaceable!

The Oregon Coast or Beach?

Greg has this thing about the Oregon Coast; he refuses to call it the beach.  When we used to live in Portland, if I forgot and called it the beach he would always act as if I was referring to California.

For example, “Greg, would you like to go to the beach this weekend?”

Greg’s reply, “Don’t you think flights will be too expensive with this short of notice?”

He thinks beaches should be places of warmth, swimming and sunshine, not fleece, flannel and clouds.  He believes at the beach you should need protection from sunburn, not windburn.  I could go on…but you get the idea.

However, two weeks ago Greg’s sister and her family had the opportunity to join my sisters and me at the coast.  It was the first time our families had interacted since our wedding. We had fabulous weather and a whole lot of fun!

Here’s a photo of Seven mile beachseven mile beachA photo of the gorgeous sunset from the deck of our fabulous coastal housesunset from the house A photo of my favorite niece, Nicole!  We got to spend a lot of time together…she is SO MUCH FUN!debbie and nicoleThe beautiful lighting at duskduskAnd finally a view of the cape in the morningcapeI do realize Nicole and I are wearing sweatshirts…but the majority of the week it was sunshine and 70s.  I think it definitely counted as a week at the beach!  What do you think?

(After living near the equator for nearly a year…I was surprised how cold the coastal water was…is it somehow colder this year?  Did I really used to swim and body surf all day in that cold of water?  Uh oh, I’m starting to sound like Greg…maybe it is the coast afterall…)