When it’s sunny, the outside of the castle is as impressive as the inside.

Windsor Castle

The British flag and the Queens flag were both flying high.  When the Queen’s flag is up it means she is here, but I didn’t see her, Prince William, Prince Henry or catch a sighting of Kate.  Maybe Kate & William got their own place after they got hitched?

Windsor Castle Street View

I followed the “no pictures” rule inside the State Apartments because of the crowds and the guards.  And because my tail was still between my legs after the scolding in the church.

After viewing the apartments I went to the changing of the guards.  This alternates, every other day between Windsor and Buckingham.

Changing of the Guards

It was impressive!  The beat of the drums echoed throughout the area and after the guard change a military band played Christmas Carols for about 30 minutes.

Beat of the Drums

I decided to each lunch on my own instead of with the tour bus.  I enjoyed wandering through the streets to find a pub.

Near the Main Gate of Windsor Castle

I found a great place and enjoyed a steak and potato pie.

steak and potato pie

Then I wandered through a few shops until it was time to meet everyone at the bus.

Sweet Shop

Windsor town is cute!

Shops near the train station


4 responses to “Windsor

  1. Love these photos and I love how your posts make me want to see places more than I ever thought I wanted to. Did Hardys have good sweets? 🙂

  2. I agree with Denise. Your posts are a good sell for all these places. Maybe you can make a travel brochure for the tour guide. Windsor town is so cute and I’m proud of you for following the no picture rule. …wait is there a no dslr picture rule in the bvi?

  3. Why the hats? Is it for warming purposes? But they also wear them in summer, do they not? They are silly, in my opinion. I also recall that the chin straps don’t actually go under the chin, but sit on top (in front?) of the chin. How does this help keep the hat on? I don’t get it. And they’re called Beefeaters, are they not? Oh dear. I could go on for quite a while about these hats.

  4. Denise–The sweets looked good but I didn’t buy any.

    Cheryl–No picture restrictions yet in the BVI! But since I don’t have my DSLR this trip I wouldn’t know! 😉

    Afton–The hats are a crack up for me too! As far as I know the Beefeaters are just the guards at the Tower of London. I’ll have a picture of one coming up. 🙂 I do think it’s very strange that the straps are on top of the chin. I’m not sure how the hat stays on in the wind or with the marching…

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